YOUtOpia - we welcOme YOU tO this brave, inspiring wOrld Of mOnkeY see, mOnkeY dO. here YOU can be all YOU want tO be, jUst fOllow the call Of the wild. primarilY primate, we're alwaYs lOOking fOr the next adventUre. jUst gO ape with Us, becaUse whatever feels right will be right. release the mOnkeY deep dOwn inside, grab YOUr liana and swing Over tO the wOrld of beYOUtifUl YOUphOria. everY daY is a safari and YOU are YOUr Own gUide. venture Off and enjoY the dailY jUngle tO its fUllest: YOU rUle, YOU dO care, YOU lOve. YOU are a YOUtOpist! make the mOst Of it!